Solved 1-866-558-4555 Google Maps Not Updating on iPhone

Solved 1-866-558-4555 Google Maps Not Updating on iPhone

Everyone Must Know Google Maps Not Working

Google map is providing a web-mapping services which was initiated by Google. It represent every kind of maps of every corner of world to every street of any country. It also help us to know the shortest route of anywhere with the distance and time to reach that particular place.

If Google map location is not updating what should you do

Sometime it happens when our Google map is not working properly due to some network or any other reason. Either we must update or have an android mobile with good internet speed. We can still found out some reason of Google map is not updating on iphone.

  • The most common reason why Google map is not working is because of your network. If you don’t have a regular network it’s hard for the map to update.
  • And when the Google map is showing you the incorrect location then you must check your drop down list once again and if it’s still not working then you must re-install the app again.
  • When it’s not working properly while showing any distance or time then you must also update it by going to Play store.
  • Sometime if it’s not working people install another app and later on they download updated version of Google map.
  • Operator can reset the network setting because the basic reason is the network setting of the iphone, and if you make changes in network setting can help you to overcome this situation.

How to update Google map on your Iphone.

  • Operator must go to the “App Store” in their Iphone mobile and go to the Google maps.
  • Then the operator must update the App, they can go to “more icon” and select “app menu” and then click on “offline maps”. This will automatically update the map in your iphone mobile.

These were the methods to update Google maps on your Iphone mobile.

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