1 866 235 4333  How to Recover & Reset Pinterest Password

1 866 235 4333 How to Recover & Reset Pinterest Password

How to Recover Pinterest Password

When we think of boards and pins the most first obvious thing that comes to mind is Pinterest and not real board or pin. Pinterest is one of the most used platforms for updating and checking on. So if you are here to recover Pinterest password as you have forgotten it or it is lost you can follow the steps for fixing it. You will also you’re your solution for Pinterest Not Working or Pinterest not loading on the same website. You will really feel it very useful and helpful to fix the issue of pinterest.

Steps to Reset your Pinterest Password

  • First, you will have to go to pinterest.com/password/reset so that you can start with the process of resetting the new Pinterest password.
  • To find out your account you have to search your account using your name, email or username .
  • After getting the correct name you have to click on this is me and then you will be taken to the next page.
  • To get the reset code you have to check your email address and there you will find a link on which you have to tap.
  • You will be taken to the page where you have to enter the new password, you will have to enter it in two fields.
  • In the second field, you will enter it again the same password to confirm it.
  • After that, you have to tap on next, and your password will be saved.
  • And you are finally done now you can use the new password and log in to your account.

And it is also a good habit that you can maintain by writing down the password in your note or you can make a note in the notepad as you forget all the passwords often.

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