How to Verify Facebook Account

How to Verify Facebook Account

How to Verify Facebook Account

Facebook account is one of the most crucial accounts for users to get in touch with different persons and socialize with them. It does not matter from which country you hail from; you can get in touch with different people, make friends and have chats with them. For the security purpose some necessary steps are there that must be followed by every Facebook account user. For the betterment of the Facebook services it is suggested that a facebook account must be verified by the different users. Let’s see how to verify Facebook account.

Steps to verify your Facebook Account:

To create a Facebook Id or to create a Facebook page and verify it are two different matters. Here you will get an account of how can you verify your FB profile or FB account. Have a look at the below-mentioned steps.

  • To verify your Facebook account, it is necessary to create a new Facebook Id first after fulfilling several requirements like entering personal information example name, sir name, DOB etc.
  • Once you have created a new account open it and verify your Facebook account.
  • Now go to settings and after go to general and click the Facebook profile verification option if you see any.
  • After that your facebook account will ask you give a registered email Id or phone number so that it can submit a code regarding your Facebook account authentication.
  • Once you will submit this code and verify it, your Facebook account will automatically verify.
  • One most important point that must be noted here is if your Facebook account is genuine then you will see a blue tick against your Facebook profile or account settings.

In case, you feel any issues regarding the steps to verify Facebook account or verify a Facebook page then you can take the assistance of a reliable third-party service provider to make your account secure.

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