How to recover your hacked Facebook account

How to recover your hacked Facebook account

What to do when someone steals your identity on Facebook I mean how to recover your hacked Facebook account

You find your Facebook account not opening with the password you used regularly. And are you panicked of what to be done to get your identity back? Once I found someone using my FB account and was totally confused about how to recover hacked facebook account. Well once you find your account being used by someone else, then you will have to save your account immediately. So how to recover your hacked Facebook account?, to know how to recover hacked facebook account follow the steps below as I did the same when I knew someone is using my FB account.

Steps to follow-

  • Go to the dashboard of Facebook or say the Official page of Facebook.
  • You will find two dialog box above in the right corner asking you for email id and password. Below which you will find a link forgot the password.
  • First of all, fill up the email id or phone number in the dialog box and then select the ‘forgotten account?’.
  • You will find a page with the name ” Find Your Account” and below with an answer box asking you to enter email or phone number. Enter any one and click search.
  • You will get your account correctly if you have entered the right email or phone number and then you will be asked whether the account is yours if yes click ” This is my Account”. Else select “Back”.
  • And then you will have two options one is to reset the password through Google Account and the next one through Email.
  • If you go with email then you can just use the code and fill it in the box ,else can use the click below in the mail to continue further.
  • Else if you go with Google account it deals with the same process of logging into it and then you will be allowed to change the password.

Then you will be asked to set the new password which is strong enough not to be hacked and a few steps will be provided for further security measures.

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