How To Deactivate Facebook Account | Delete Facebook Account

How To Deactivate Facebook Account | Delete Facebook Account

How to Deactivate My Facebook Account

There is no doubt that the popularity of social networking sites is on rise day by day. People of all age’s youngsters, old age people all love to spend time before Facebook account. Some people love to while away their time by scrolling profiles of others, while other scroll Facebook for acquiring new information, and to know what is happening all around us. There is no doubt that people love to use Facebook, but due to certain reasons there may arise some circumstances that can lead people to think about deactivation of Facebook account. Sometimes you feel like that there is no longer the need of operating Facebook account. It may be the reason that your Facebook may be at the threat of hackers that is why you want to deactivate. Whatever may be the reason of deactivating Facebook account, sometimes it is the reason that some of the users are unaware of Facebook account. So, here you will get an account of how to deactivate my Facebook account.

Steps How to Deactivate/delete Facebook account:

The following steps can assist you in deactivating/delete your Facebook account:

  • First of all login your Facebook account by entering email Id and password.
  • After that hit the bottom right corner of the screen and locate settings.
  • After that in the settings section go to account settings and find out the General option.
  • After locating general hit general and go to manage accounts.
  • It is an important point to note that manage accounts is located in the bottom of the screen. Or in other words, it is the last option of the screen.
  • Now once again go the accounts section of Facebook and locate deactivate Facebook button.
  • Now, after selecting deactivating link it will again ask to fill the password.
  • Insert password and choose the reason of deactivating Facebook. Also state whether you are temporarily deactivating your Facebook account or doing it permanently. You can also choose to deactivating Facebook account permanently.

These are some of the steps that can assist you in Deactivating your Facebook account in case Facebook not working.

In case you are confronting some other issues related to Facebook like you want to Facebook account recovery without email and Phone number, then you can take the assistance from third party support as well if you have forgotten Facebook account password. Or the same assistance can also work for deactivating your Facebook account.

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