Google Photos Not Uploading Issue: 1-866-558-4555-How To Fix

Google Photos Not Uploading Issue: 1-866-558-4555-How To Fix

Google Photos Not Uploading Issue

Having the habit of backing up is very good because at the official state you will have to use these to maintain the confidential and important files and valuable documents. Well, coming back to the point so how many of you are here to really fix the Google Photos Not Uploading problem ? If yes so then you are at the right place with the correct way to fix the issue. In the previous blog, I have published I have mentioned how to fix Google Photos Not Responding that is Google Photos Not Working resolving methods.

But I got many requests in my email asking me to put a blog on how to fix the Google photos not uploading issue. And well the Google Photos Not Working on iPhone is also mentioned in the Google photos not working resolving methods. You have a few steps to upload, first will teach you how to upload photos in Google photos and then the ways to fix the issue.

How to upload to Google Photos

  • Go to the Google photos app and then click on the icon near the search bar in the left top corner
  • Then you have to go to the settings option in the list
  • You will find the backup & sync option tap on it and then enable the swipe button by moving it to the right side.
  • Below that you will find the option of back up quality select it as high
  • Then below the backup quality, you will find the option of cellular data go there and choose the data limit you want to upload daily.
  • And finally, come to come screen now your upload has been started.

How to resolve the Google photos not uploading issue

  • Check your internet connection, make sure your data for the day is not over.
  • Also, go to the settings and clear the cache of the Google photos by going to app option.
  • You should also uninstall the app and install it again
  • As the last step, you have to delete unwanted data and files and also clear the trash of Google photos
  • And once restart your device and try to work with Google photos again.

If none of the steps worked out then you have to contact the Google customer support and solve the issue as they guide you.

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