1 866 235 4333 Google Account Password Recovery Phone Number

1 866 235 4333 Google Account Password Recovery Phone Number

Google Account Password Recovery Phone Number

Every month or at least two months once I go through the process of Google account recovery. It is so because it also helps in securing the account when you do google account password recovery your account will get disabled in all other places except in your device which you are operating. But few people do this after they get it hacked or after they forget their password. Thus I am going to mention the procedure to do the Google account recovery through phone number. As we at times forget our email password too so this much necessary to know as far as I feel.

Steps to Google Account Recovery Phone Number –

  • Go to the Google account recovery page and then you have to enter your email id of the account.
  • Click on forgot password
  • You will be taken to the page where you have to choose between the three options –
  • Using the phone number
  • using the email id
  • Security questions
  • Choose using the phone number and then you will be confirmed whether the displayed number is where it should be sent, tap on continue.
  • You will receive a code in SMS which you have to enter it in the asked column.
  • After entering you will have to tap on continue where you will be taken to the password setting page.
  • You have to enter the new password in two columns to confirm that you are sure. Make sure it is strong , use words (uppercase and lowercase), numbers, special characters. But never use your phone number or d.o.b because these can be easily tracked or say found out.
  • After entering you simply have to tap on continue which will set the password now you can use your Google account with the new password.

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