Gmail Not Working On android

Gmail Not Working On android

There are some issues that you are facing and due to that you are not able to run your Gmail account on your android mobile. Basically, Gmail is a social media that doesn’t create much problem whether you use it on your system or on your mobile. There can be some issues as well as their alternative solution for each problems. Here are some of the common issues where Gmail Not Working on Android and you can follow the given below steps to recover them –

Gmail Not Working ? Here’s how to fix in Simple way

Nuclear option

When you remove your account from your android and reinstall again it would start working on your system. The benefit google account is that it stores every data of you in its google server. Everything can be restored whether it be your songs, videos or photos in your mobile. You can easily recover all these even after reset of your android mobile. Normally it has a nuclear option through which we can recover all the data that have been deleted from your mobile.

For doing so, you can go to the settings and select account. Under account you can select your account that you wants to delete. On the upper right side click on ellipsis and choose remove account. This process can be different in various devices and for android it’s different.

Forgot password

This is very common issue or your Gmail not working on your android mobile is because of forgetting their password and then your Gmail start reacting in a different manner on your android mobile. For recovering your password you can use three techniques, one changing your password using phone number, second using your email address and third by answering the security question.

After entering these information you will be redirected on a password resetting page, you can enter your

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