1-866-558-4555 How to Switch Old Hotmail Account to New Account

1-866-558-4555 How to Switch Old Hotmail Account to New Account

How to switch Old Hotmail Account to New Account

Hotmail account is the most popular email account that is preferred to use by people across the world. At different times users find new features in their Hotmail accounts and they love to use it. Sometimes they don’t feel at ease with some of the complicated features like add profile picture in Hotmail account, unblock Hotmail account etc. then in this case, they wish to get in touch with some proper guidance. Sometimes users also confront issues in how to switch old Hotmail account to new account. Are you also confronting similar issues about your Hotmail account? If yes, then here you will get an account of how to switch Hotmail account to new account.

Steps of switching Hotmail account to new account:

  • There are times when the need is to update the address of your home, same is the case with email accounts also. So, here are some of the simple steps that you can follow regarding switching your Hotmail account to the new account.
  • To upgrade to the new Hotmail or you can say outlook account, user needs to perform two major actions. These two actions are given below:
  • First is to upgrade the interfaces which can simply be achieved by browsing to outlook.com.
  • Login with your Hotmail account and your interface will be upgraded automatically.
  • Second is changing the alias of your previous Hotmail account with @outlook.com.
  • The above task is also simple, just follow these steps to achieve the same.
  • Login to your Hotmail account from outlook.com by entering your previous user email and password.
  • After success full sign in Browse to “More mail setting” under Option section.
  • There you will see an option for create Outlook alias under “Manage your account” section.
  • Now you can select your new email address with @outlook.com for your same Hotmail account.

After confirming your new email address click on create new alias and you are ready with your new Hotmail account from your old account.

Contact Hotmail Customer Support Team

In case, you confront any issues about how to switch Hotmail account to new account, you can get in touch with Hotmail customer support number or third-party support. Their genuine expertise will listen to your issues and solve the dilemma. In case you have other issues like recovery of Hotmail password without phone number then also you can get in touch with relevant third-party support.

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