1-866-558-4555 How to Delete Yahoo Mail Account

1-866-558-4555 How to Delete Yahoo Mail Account

How to Delete Yahoo Mail Account

Different email services are part and parcel of our lives. Different options of sending and receiving emails, saving emails in drafts, and several other appealing options are there that can make the lives of the people quite easy. Yahoo is also such a fabulous email service whose use is greatly relished by different users. But at some point, of time in life, users do not require services of email service provider. This is also true in case of your yahoo account that sometimes users are interested in deleting this account as they are no longer interested in using their Yahoo email Id. So, here you will get an idea of how to delete Yahoo mail account.

Steps to delete Yahoo Mail Account:

  • To delete your Yahoo account, it is necessary to sign in your yahoo account deletion page.
  • Enter your Email Id or user name and password to login your yahoo official account.
  • Click next to continue further. Now go to delete yahoo account section.
  • Now before delete your account you need to confirm a captcha code so that your identity can be verified.
  • Enter this code in the field and click on next.
  • Now, after entering this captcha code finally click on delete your yahoo account.
  • As soon as you click on it all the data related to your Yahoo account will be deleted and you no longer will have any access to your account.
  • Congratulations, you have deleted your yahoo email account quite successfully.

In case, you confront any issues regarding the deletion process then do not worry as there are some other options also. You can definitely think of deleting your account in case you feel that yahoo mail not working. In case of any trouble you can contact Yahoo customer support or any reliable third-party service provider in case of any issue.

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